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New PR Ploy for 555-Acre Santa Clarita Project

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[Renderings from Las Lomas Land Company]

From a former exec of the public relations firm behind that Department of Water & Power scandal - remember the one that got Fleishman-Hillard boss Doug Dowie 42 months in federal prison for overbilling DWP? - comes a bold, new PR ploy for Las Lomas, the 555-acre development at I-5 and Highway 14. From the Daily News:

Las Lomas developers say their proposed 5,553-home mini-city in the open hills between Santa Clarita and Los Angeles will be the smart-growth, sustainable answer to the problems created by the region's unplanned, suburban, car-dependent mode of building. "We do see ourselves as very cutting edge," said Hilary Norton Orozco, executive vice president of the Las Lomas Land Co. "The fact is, we do believe we're going to change people's behavior."

So it seems the answer to LA's suburban sprawl - from Orozco, a former Fleishman-Hillard VP who once testified in court that a meeting with her overbilling colleague gave her a "feeling of dread" - is actually more suburban sprawl. Who has a feeling of dread now?
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