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CurbedWire: Scott Baio Chooses...The Mercury? Plus: Hancock Lofts, Soho House

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KOREATOWN: Glorious residential buildings may have gotten the Hollywood treatment back in the day, but now some newer Los Angeles developments are stepping in front of the cameras. That's a shot of the Mercury rooftop, and oh yeah, that's Scott Baio getting married. The event, which took place last month, was for his life/reality tv show "Scott Baio Is 45 ... and Single" and the episode will air later this month. Apologies for any spoiler alerts re: what the bride was wearing. Related: A tipster tells us Jada Pinkett just shot a movie on the pool deck at 1100 Wilshire. [Curbed InBox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: A reader has a question about CIM's Hancock Lofts. "They said they'd be releasing prices mid-dec. When mid-dec past, they said they'd release pricing first week of Jan. Now they're saying spring. construction is going up like gang-busters. What's going on?? The website offers so little too.." We made a quick phone call to CIM, and before we could properly explain who we were, we were told: "Early Spring." [Curbed InBox]

LOS ANGELES: Despite our obsession with the forthcoming SoHo House Los Angeles, coming later this year (it'll take over the the former Morton's space) the press rep for Soho House cannot offer any renderings as it's way too soon to even know what the club will look like. Nothing to tell you yet! they said. Hmmm. Not entirely believing them. We'll bide our time. [Curbed InBox]