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Lawsuit Filed In WeHo Palm Project, Super Lawyer Hired

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Things are getting messy in WeHo with the news Jeanne Dobrin and Allegra Allison, two local land use activists, have filed a lawsuit to stop the controversial Palm Project proposed for 9001 Santa Monica Blvd. As previously discussed, the project was permitted to build to a height of 62 feet despite a 45-foot height limit. Land use attorney John B. Murdock, who was involved in Playa Vista and the Beverly Connection (and quite possibly Venice's Lincoln Place apartments), has been hired, reports the WeHo News, which clearly takes the side of the activists by publishing this paragraph: "'Lawyers are extremely expensive, but we scraped together a retainer. Would you please tell your readers that we seek donations from the residents to support the cause?'" [Dobrin] asked. Information on how to contribute appears at the base of this article." [rendering of proposed Palms project via WorkPlays]
· Suit Brought To Stop Palm Project [WeHo News]