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Neutra's Maxwell House Headed to Angelino Heights

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Another Neutra saved. Next month, Richard Neutra's Maxwell House, located at 475 North Bowling Green Way in Brentwood, will leave its tony neighborhood for the hipper environs of Angelino Heights. Erected in 1941 with a budget of $6,750, the home was built for the musicians Charles and Sybil Maxwell. Via Architect DB page: "It was with this project that Neutra first experimented with the peaked roof and triangular glazed gable openings that later became a trademark of the firm when pitched roofs were mandated by city building codes. Further, this design element profoundly influenced the design of American suburban architecture in the 1950's and 60's." Similarly, LottaLiving notes the home's "integration of sloping and flat roofs with the introduction of a glass triangle into the horizontal redwood siding." And there's this: the house was once offered for free on eBay to interested bidders who could afford to move it. Hopefully, next month's move won't result in any Freeway House-like mishaps.
· Venice, Neutra Maxwell House to be moved talk Feb. 7 [LottaLiving]