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Traffic Solutions: Meet You on the DodgerTram

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At that huge trafficpoolaza meeting held earlier this week, city officials dropped a bombshell by suggesting an air tram system for Dodgers Stadium (it would connect Chinatown and the summit at Chavez Ravine). We have so many questions! A follow-up email to Councilmember Ed P. Reyes' (CD1) office got this answer: "Councilman Reyes' goal is to get people to Dodger Stadium in an efficient and affordable way while improving traffic flow. We aren't trying to recreate the wheel, and are looking at using existing MTA routes along Sunset Blvd. to transport people to Dodger Stadium." While they work on a bus solution, we'll stick with the tram idea, which apparently has been kicked around since the 1980s. Surprisingly, no renderings of a tram were available, so we whipped up some ideas. DodgerTram by 2010!