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Zippers, Food Kiosks, Streetlamps: More BCAM Details

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Bloomberg gets a hard hat construction tour of LACMA's new $56 million, Renzo Piano-designed Broad Contemporary Art Museum (BCAM) and we get some more details: It's a "three-story marble mausoleum with a glass roof"..."a glass elevator"...a "bright red exterior staircase zig-zagging up its eastern wall like a crooked zipper." There's also a construction pavilion courtesy of energy company BP. How's it look? "It looks something like a gas station, except that instead of pumps it has ticket booths and food kiosks and a walkway connecting BCAM to the six mismatched buildings on Lacma's 20-acre, mid-city campus." Given that billionaire Eli Broad recently decided to forgo handing over his permanent collection, the story considers the importance of having a permanent collection and covers the famous-architects-designing museums angle. Artist Chris Burdenconsist exhibition of 200 vintage Los Angeles streetlamps will kick things off at BCAM, which opens on February 16.
· Broad Museum Set to Open in Los Angeles Without Much Broad Art [Bloomberg]