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StoreFronting: Comme des Garçons, Water Free in Santa Monica, Downtown Art

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LOS ANGELES: A Comme des Garçons guerrilla store is slated to open on February 16th at 125 West 4th street, Suite 106. What is it, exactly? "A temporary retail outlet that sells Comme des Garçons clothing...[the company] provides the venue and organizers meet the approval of the fashion chain," according to blogger Deezen. That's a shot of a similar store in Basel. [Diane: Shaded View]

SANTA MONICA: A waterless car wash is opening across the street from the Santa Monica Airport on Bundy Drive next month. The car washes will range from $20-$30 and here is it how it works: Part of the procedure includes washing your car with some fancy coconut mixture and then wiping it clean with a microfiber towel. Fascinating. [SMDP]

LOS ANGELES: Respectable Zero One Gallery has moved into a 4,300-square-foot space on the ground floor of the Santee Village lofts in the Fashion District, notes the Downtown News. More art news: Miss ART LA, that very fetching international art fair that just took place in Santa Monica? Console yourself by gazing at photographer Patrick McMullen's photos of last week's opening reception. [DN]