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That's Rather Hideous: This One's for the Dogs

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That's Rather Hideous examines questionable decisions in interior design as revealed in listing photos. Nominees, please, to

This nominee for our semi-regular feature on Angelenos' interior desecrations is deserving for several reasons:
1. The awnings. Why ruin the exterior of a perfectly decent Spanish-style home?
2. The huge stains (at least, we think they're stains - it's hard to tell) above the range in the kitchen. You're trying to sell the house, kids. Time to bust out the Formula 409.
3. That fireplace. Call in HGTV to overhaul that hearth.
4. But truly the most disturbing pic from this tableaux is the den. The very one the listing claims "FEATURES A HUGE DEN, PERFECT FOR ENTERTAINING!!" Apparently, the current owners mostly entertain the family dog. Yes, that seems to be a doghouse in the middle of the den. Fido apparently prefers the cozy interiors of the den, facing the huge TV, natch, as he licks his own nether-regions.
Cost to live in this canine-centered house of hideousness: $695,000.