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Norwalk Tank Site Could Be Developed

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The Wave's Arnold Adler reports that the Norwalk Tank site, a 50-acre site former fuel distribution point at 15306 Norwalk Blvd, owned by the U.S. Air Force, may be sold to a private developer in a tit-for-tat deal that'd see the Air Force getting large-scale improvements at an area base. According to the paper, the city looked into buying the site, which closed in 2001, but couldn't afford the $25 million price tag. But the place would have to be cleaned-up, and a group, the Norwalk Tank Farm Restoration Advisory Board, an appointed residents group, was established to oversee removal of toxic waste from the site, important as the paper notes that "contaminated water was found flowing from the site underneath adjoining homes." Also in another edition of the Wave: Inglewood reporting 40 foreclosures a month.
· Meetings planned on future status of Tank Farm [The Wave]