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Two Days Till Death of Gehry's Santa Monica Place

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[Santa Monica Place's forthcoming resurrection, via Macerich]

This Thursday, the Frank Gehry-designed Santa Monica Place--that half-vacant, three-story, 570,000 square-foot indoor mall dangling off the ass of Third Street Promenade--closes its 27-year-old doors for a long-overdue renovation. When it returns, Santa Monica Place will look more like its younger, tanner, conjoined twin: no roof and public walkways. And we'd guess: more homeless people. And it will feature a dining deck--perfect for peering at the pier while dipping pretzels in cheese. Macy's and the parking garages stay open during construction.

[Santa Monica Place's new dining deck, via Macerich]

[Santa Monica Place's new 4th St. entrance, via Macerich]

[Santa Monica Place's new 2nd St. entrance, via Macerich]

[Santa Monica Place's new 3rd St. entrance, via Macerich]

[Santa Monica Place's new plaza, via Macerich]

Santa Monica Place is perhaps best known for appearances in Beverly Hills 90210, Terminator 2, and the exterior of Ridgemont Mall in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. (Interiors were shot at the long-gone version of Sherman Oaks Galleria).
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