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Fancy! "Fashion Park" Proposed For Downtown

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Back in October 2006, Mayor Villaraigosa established the L.A. Economy and Jobs Committee--a group of local leaders who were asked to draft recommendations for economic development in the city. Their report was just published and there is lots of juicy stuff, including the recommendation to create an "LA Fashion Park" to appease a mystery fashion company that's considering moving downtown.

Via the report: "[The company's] “Fashion Park” concept includes a center for apparel in downtown Los Angeles anchored by their corporate campus housing approximately 450 employees, a theater for fashion shows, an educational facility and space for other apparel companies to co-locate." But who is this mysterious apparel company? According to the report, it's a company that has 1,000 employees and is headquartered in another city in the county. And here's how the reports wraps up its assessment of the park. "GOAL: Optimize downtown Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) location with a flagship site for the apparel industry in the city of LA and concurrently brand LA as the apparel capital of the nation."

Read more about the fashion park by skipping to page 40 (actually page 51 on the sidebar). Consider yourself PDF-warned.
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