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Goodbye, Rent Control? Proposal Would Undo Laws

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There are 626,600 rent-controlled residential units in Los Angeles and on June 3, California voters will decide whether to phase out the state's rent control laws, reports the Times. Owners and operators of apartment buildings and mobile home parks are in favor of phasing out the laws, but the duplicitous way the initiative was put on the June ballot has homeowner groups hopping mad.

"Proponents tout the measure as one that would limit government's use of eminent domain, preventing the taking of private property for private development. Although that is the first provision of the measure, it goes on to phase out rent control. Opponents have dubbed the measure the "Hidden Agenda Scheme," in part because rent control is not mentioned in the ballot title. "Homeowners want true eminent domain protections but will not be duped into enacting harmful and deceptive provisions that have nothing to do with eminent domain," said Ken Willis, president of the League of California Homeowners." According to the Times, Willis' group and others will put a separate initiative that would only restrict eminent domain on the same June 3rd ballot.
· Proposal aims to undo rent control laws [LA Times]