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Ask Curbed: Where Can I Buy A $350,000 Condo?

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Here's a reader in a pickle. A search on MLS Los Angeles yielded 211 places for between $300,000-$350,000, but where to send a modern fan? Via the Inbox:

"Just curious, I’m going to start looking for a condo in LA soon and one agent I’ve been dealing with said that I should be able to get something in the 300-350k range, based on my salary and rent payments and down payment (20k). I'm wondering if you can chime in and maybe your readers as well, as to what I can get and where I can get what for that amount in LA. I'm more on the modern side of things, and most of the mod condos I see are listed well above 300k – like 600k mostly. Do I have any chance of landing anything cool within LA for 300-350k?"