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More Window Woes At Downtown's Eastern Columbia

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If this all true, this seems problematic. Writes a tipster: "Yesterday around 3PM a window fell out of the frame of a top floor apartment at the Eastern Columbia was the entire window - frame, glass and all - about the size of a refrigerator door. It fell 12 ( I think that's how tall the building is ) stories and shattered in the common area where people smoke and hang out. Also directly next to one of the tenants patios. It shattered a water pipe and flooded out the patio area for a couple hours. Shattered glass filled the entire dog-walking patio area at the back of the building. I've heard tenants complaining about the management / owners of the building and their slow responses on fixing building issues - several of which involve the mountings / frames of the windows..." Before everyone jumps on KOR (the building's developer), doesn't the building have a separate management company that would be to blame for upkeep like windows? UPDATE: Correction of facts from KOR here. [Via Flickr user jimw]
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