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Transportation Plan Update III: We'll Take A Maglev, Too

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Via the net, editor Josh is listening to today's City Council hearing on traffic. Our final dispatch: Alan Wapner, Chairman of the Transportation Committee for the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) announced that a private proposal has been received to build a high speed maglev system that will connect West LA to Ontario, using only private funds (approx. $26 billion worth). SCAG is still reviewing the proposal, but says the private developer's finances check out. The cities along the route would need to provide right-of-way. Wapner stated that the maglev system will use a different technology than the one in Shanghai, which is good because people in Shanghai are tired of being microwaved by the maglev radiation and are in revolt.

Councilman Tom LaBonge (CD4) continues to press his idea to put mass transit down the middle of our freeways. We're pretty sure that's a bad idea. He's also suggesting converting the Green Line to high speed rail and connecting it to a larger high speed train system. Then he started to ramble about the Baltimore Colts. Good lord.

That concluded the testimony, and the floor was opened to public comment...