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KOR's Response To Eastern Columbia Window Freefall

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It turns out our Eastern Columbia tipster didn't have all of her facts straight in terms of that window incident. Earlier today, we posted that a window at the downtown building fell and smashed to bits. Here's a statement from KOR, the building's developer: "During the recent storms, a resident of the historic Eastern Columbia building left a window open which slammed repeatedly and broke as a result of the high winds. One pane measuring approximately 14”x 24” fell on a private patio of an unoccupied retail space which is also a back entry into the building and near unit 101’s patio. There is no smoking area at the Eastern Columbia building as it is a non-smoking building inside and out." [ED: Also, it was one of those historic windows...]

Kor Development is grateful that no one was injured during this unfortunate incident and is issuing a formal memo to homeowners to refrain from leaving windows open during severe weather conditions such as the rain storms and high winds encountered during the past week. Although the storm was clearly an act of God, Kor customer service is reinstalling the window pane for the homeowner and/or ordering any replica historic components necessary.

Kor Development performed a very thorough restoration of the windows including recaulking every window in the building and restoring every frame. We have had very few service calls on the windows and the brand new sliding door at unit #101 has been one of the few warranty issues brought to our attention. Customer service is extremely important to us and while we acknowledge that we are not always able to resolve every issue immediately, we actively work to do so. We recognize that is the reality of customer service, our industry and historic properties in particular. The vast majority of owners at the Eastern Columbia building do not have any outstanding issues and are happy with their customer service."
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