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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Jessica Alba, Tobey Maguire, Aaron Sorkin, and More!

1.) Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have paid $4.05 million for a four-bedroom Beverly Hills Post Office home that's described as a "breathtaking Italian villa." While the previous owners were probably nice people, they certainly have very flowery taste in furnishings. [Real Estalker]

2.) After some crafty real estate deals of his own, Tobey Maguire has purchased a 0.93-acre parcel of land in the Brentwood area. He will likely build a home on the plot, reports BTL. [Big Time Listings]

3.) The LA Times got it wrong: Mark Harmon wasn't the buyer of a 19-acre Villa Vista Oceano in Malibu, a man named Marc Hamon was really the buyer. [Big Times Listings]
4.) Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were seen house hunting in Bel Air. [Real Estalker]

5.) Pete Sampras has listed his 6-bedroom Beverly Hills home for $25 million. The home boasts a "north/south tennis court, natch, a putting green, children's play areas, and a lovely oval shaped heated swimming pool." The listing can be seen here. [Real Estalker]

6.) Aaron Sorkin has paid $6.1 million for a sleek-looking four-bedroom home above the Sunset Strip. [Real Estalker]

7.) It's uncertain whether Scott Baio actually purchased a five-bedroom home in Encino, or whether the whole thing was staged for his reality TV show. [Real Estalker]

8.) After buying the Cox-Arquette Lautner home (that was listed for $33 million) last summer, Frank and Jamie McCourt just purchased the house next door for close to $19 million. [LA Times]