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Downtown Broadway Corridor Project Launched

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In an effort to gussy up Broadway, today city officials will announce a new $40 million campaign called "Bringing Back Broadway" that'll see street and landscape improvements, and cleaned-up building facades. There's even talk of shutting down the street and adding a trolley. But do the working class folks who come to shop at Broadway want a trolley? As the Times points out, Broadway has long been a major shopping spot for Latinos and while City Councilman Jose Huizar says this "new" Broadway could work with the "old" one, Latinos are already fretting they'll be shoved out. Steve Needleman, owner of the Orpheum Theater, says that the area needs to be updated to serve downtown's 20,000 new condo and apartment-renting residents. UPDATE: Here's the AP story on the new Broadway campaign. [Photo via Brigham Yen. ]
· L.A. to announce Broadway makeover [LA Times]