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Alan-Voo House: From Pastel Madness to Tamed Reality

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Dezeen features a bundle of photos of the fully realized Alan-Voo Family home in Palms which we featured a long time ago in 2006. At that time it was only a pastel green and blue dream, but today we can see the results in full muted-color glory. We actually enjoy the real life version more so than the renderings. At the time of our original post, Mr. Alan (of the Alan-Voo's) commented on the meaning of creating a "family brand" through the home's design.

Via Mr. Alan:

Corporations spend millions of branding-dollars trying to "own" concepts like "happiness" "loyalty" + "family" in the minds of consumers. But those concepts DON'T belong to them. They're ours. And we're not simply "consumers." We're people: Moms, Dads, and kids, making our way in the modern (and sometimes scary) new world.

The "family brand" attempts to level the playing field of corporate influence by taking back what we care most about: Our relationships with each other. (Rather than our relationships with McDonalds.)

For more on the family brand, visit

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