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CurbedWire: Wilshire Temple Renovation, Another Schindler for Rent, F&E Getting Boozy?

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KOREATOWN - The Wilshire Boulevard Temple is about to get a facelift. Via a reader email: "The historic Wilshire Boulevard Temple built in 1929 is scheduled to undergo a $23 millon-$25 million restoration and expansion with plans by Levin & Associates who restored the Griffith Park Observatory and other notable LA landmark structures. This is the oldest and wealthiest Jewish congregation not only in Los Angeles but west of the Mississippi. Former members include: the Warner Brother Family, Louis B. Mayer & Family, David O. Selznik, the Laemmle Theater Family, Fanny Brice and on and on and on." [Curbed Inbox]

STUDIO CITY - Another Schindler has been spotted for rent again. Last week a reader alerted us to a two-bedroom vacancy in the Bubeshko apartments in Silver Lake. This week, word that there's another two-bedroom available on the other side of the hill. The Laurelwood Apartments were built in 1949 and are a Cultural Historic Monument. The apartment is renting for $1,950 per month. Photos of the building here. [Craigslist]

HOLLYWOOD - Is the new Fresh & Easy getting its drink on? Covering the opening last week, we were told the supermarket couldn't sell alcohol since the area already had several competing retail liquor licenses, including the Long's Drugs upstairs. How, then, to explain this liquor license activation? [Curbed Inbox] [Wilshire Boulevard Temple by flickr user fridayinla]