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Downtown's Sexy New Regal Movie Theater

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Sweet Sno-Caps love--a rendering for that 14-screen cineplex slated for L.A. Live just hit our InBox. Writes a tipster: "Located at the corner of Olympic Blvd and Georgia St (between the 110 and Figueroa) will be a 14-screen movie house with one "Premiere Theater" and 13 regular size screens (around 3,800 seats total). There are four levels all together which means there are basically two levels with seven screens looks like it'll be a pretty cool space with a lot of glass along the street front and some post-art deco'll be right next door to the hotel conference center that is currently under construction and just west of the hotel/condo tower, the Nokia Theatre and LA Live." And this rendering is just a proposed one, mind you.
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