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News from the Desert: Kaufmann To Be Auctioned, Lautner in Escrow?

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Palm Springs will be giving the Richard Neutra-designed Kaufmann house a Valentine on Feb 14th when the city installs a historic marker to formally recognize the home's historical significance. And on May 13th, the house will be auctioned off by Christie's, sold as art during the auction house's post-war and contemporary art sale. It's not the first time an architecturally significant home has been auctioned as art, but keep in mind the Kaufmann house was presented as a teardown just 15 years ago. The house has a pre-sale estimate of $15 million-$25 million. That seems about right for the privilege of sleeping in the same bedroom that Barry Manilow once called home.

And just a hop, skip and jump from Palm Springs, in the somewhat less glamorous Desert Hot Springs, rumor has it that the Lautner-designed Desert Hot Springs Motel has finally gone into escrow after several pricechops and almost a year on the market and original asking price of $745,000. Today's list price: $495,000.[Kaufmann House by flickr user leodileo]