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Broker BlogWrap: We Got Houses!

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In these lean times you might expect to find your realtor gnawing on his hand for sustenance, but you'd be wrong. Our broker friends are busying themselves by blogging. Here's a summary of what they're saying.

1) Stupid Factual LA Times: Sure foreclosures are hitting most of LA, but the glorious Westside (wherever that is) is doing swell. Terra Firma LA recommends ignoring the headlines and digging for the truth: "But as I like to say, reading the L.A. Times won’t tell you anything about the real estate market in your neighborhood – and that’s especially true for L.A.’s Westside." [Terra Firma LA]

2) Interwebs Sell Homes: The Malibu Real Estate Blog says realtors need to get web savvy in order to sell a home. And yes, that means posting on Craigslist, too. "Years ago a client might ask their agent “How many showings are we getting each week?” or “How many calls”? The new question will be “How many hits did we get?” [Malibu Real Estate Blog]

3) Wishing Ill on Ill Wishers: The LA Times report on foreclosures spiking has Judy of the SFV Real Estate Blog all riled up, specifically at those cheering the news. "Personally, I'm really tired of all those free market posters out there in the blogosphere that are cheering this development." Aren't we all. [SFV Real Estate]

4) Short Sales in Granada Hills: Richard Johnston of the other SFV Real Estate blog explains the complicated world of short sales and discovers that 36% of homes for sale in Granada Hills are short sales. "What most home-buyers don't realize is not only does the seller have to approve the deal, any lender who has placed a lien also must approve the deal - and there could be three." [EstatesLA]