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Craigslist Follow-Up: Calling The Rental Ads

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A new Curbed feature in which we talk to the people who place some of those more interesting-sounding rental ads on Craigslist. Header: "$1 Cannibis Farmer Shares Home w Young Lady." Excerpts: "..come live w me... maybe you can show me how to make my place like one of those magazines, it really needa a womans touch, i aint a centerfold...a CDL might help..."

His name is Greg and he says he lives in the San Fernando Valley. What's CDL short for? "California Driver's License." And? "I really need someone to help make the house look pretty.. Also, I have some male needs....and I'm disabled." Why he placed it: "I looked around the house and realized I needed some help." On living alone: "You get sort of weird when you live alone." [ED: Agreed! Living alone can suck.] How many responses he's gotten: "About three calls." Like who: "This woman from British Columbia called. She says she's got five years of growing experience." On posting on Craigslist: "Everyone knows what you're looking for if you're on Craigslist. If you're not into it, look away."
· $1 cannibis farmer shares home w young lady [Craigslist]