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Ask Curbed: Where Be The ZipCars?

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[Flexcar sign in Westwood]

We've heard a lot about the Flexcar/ ZipCar merger. MetroRider LA had a nice little feature on the arrival of ZipCar earlier this month, but noted the lack of downtown car pick-up spots. A reader wants to know if that will be changing any time soon.

Hey curbed--I thought you guys might be able to help out with this one. I have a Flexcar membership but they recently merged with a company called ZipCar. They sent a package detailing the merger and a new card to access their zip cars cars but I went to their website and they only advertise cars located at USC, they use to have cars all over DT, 2 in the building I work in. I went to get coffee this morning and one of the cars was gone, although someone could be using it.

Have you guys seen or heard anything? Are they really cutting off service to us "live and work" DT folks??