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Ask Curbed: How To Describe ZipCar? "Douchebags" is a Popular Choice

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FlexCar is dead! All hail your new uncaring corporate overlords, ZipCar. In a follow-up to the previous Ask Curbed about the whereabouts of ZipCars, we received several emails and comments letting us know that former FlexCar members have been largely abandoned by ZipCar. The company sent one soon-to-be-former member a disheartening email announcing their future plans for Los Angeles:

"Car sharing is an evolving category of transportation, and we are working hard to pioneer the industry. We are constantly learning more about the best way to operate our service, and sometimes what we learn results in a tough decision. In Southern California, we have decided to remove our vehicles from areas outside of the universities we serve (cars will remain at UCLA, USC, Pomona, UCSB, UCSD and UCI).

And the rest of the email:

This was a difficult decision for us, and we understand it may present significant inconvenience for you. We apologize for that. Reservations for all affected locations have been canceled and fully credited. Further, we have refunded annual membership fees for all members who paid an annual fee within the past nine months. Your refund will appear in your account automatically. If you have questions about your refund, please contact us at

We realize that you recently activated your Zipcard. We'd like to encourage you to use it by placing a *new* $25 driving credit into your account. Hopefully, you'll reserve a vehicle at one of our university locations in Southern California or in any other city where we provide service. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

The team at Zipcar