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Rumblings & Bumblings: Santa Fair, Empty School, Hancock Lofts, Mall

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Every week we ask you to answer pressing questions from your curious, but ill-informed neighbors. You may leave a comment or you can email us at with your answers, updates. comments, tips, and general queries. Answers posted this Friday.

[Hancock Lofts, as first shown on Curbed in 2005]

1) West Hollywood: Probably condos? "Does anyone know what is being built on the SE corner of Santa Monica and Fairfax? It used to be the old Santa Fair Pharmacy location."

2) Echo Park: Ghost children!! Or maybe a really long Christmas vacation: "...what is going on with that empty school on the corner of grafton and lemoyne in echo park? it looks like either an elementary school or a day care. Its been empty forever!"

3) West Hollywood: Come on CIM, give some details on your retail-s: "The CIM development [Hancock Lofts], at Santa Monica Blvd and Hancock has a sign up advertising 2100 sq ft of retail available. The building has 11,000 total, so I'm guessing they've leased the rest. Any word, or way that y'all can find out, what the current roster looks like? I'm also curious what the retail rental rate is. I haven't seen it on LoopNet. "

4) Santa Monica: Will we still shop in a recession? "I hear the Santa Monica mall is closing next Tuesday. are they really going to remodel it? are they crazy? we're about to go into economic purgatory - there's not really a question there. maybe the question is 'will they scale back their plans?'"