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Storefronting: Sergio Rossi, Urban Outfitters, BevCenter Escalators

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WEST HOLLYWOOD- Shoes! Sergio Rossi shoes. Apparently, celebrities and shoe loving people love his shoes. Sergio Rossi's new boutique store opened last week at 8224 Melrose Place. Celebrities such as Salma Hayek and Vanessa Williams were in attendance to buy some shoes at the store's exclusive opening party. [image via Invisible LA]

HOLLYWOOD - The Hollywood Chamber reports that Urban Outfitters will soon be plopping itself into the middle of Hollywood. The kids love this stuff. "Plans were... presented for an Urban Outfitters development in a 30,000-sq.ft. building extending from Cahuenga to Ivar. Plans are to open by this fall. Existing buildings will be renovated and a walk-through will be created where there is an alley to allow for a restaurant and other related boutiques." [Hollywood Chamber]

BEVERLY GROVE - Happy times are here again. Apartment Therapy reports that the escalators are once again functioning at the Beverly Center. No more searching for those dimly lit elevators. The new and improved escalators also feature colorful hanging lamp things. Too cool for school, man. [ATLA]