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Taking It To The Streets: Pasadena Tests Walkability

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This Saturday, residents of Pasadena will be canvassing Old Town and surrounding areas to assess the city's walkability. With 100 volunteers and about 29 miles to cover, the walkers will rate the city on how pedestrian-friendly it is in terms of safety and convenience. The walkers will also record aesthetic concerns such as junk in the street and "unpleasant smells." We await the smell findings eagerly so we can add it to our Neighborhood Odor Guide. They will also be rating the city on "street lighting, difficulty of crossing streets, whether motorists allow pedestrians to cross and obey speed limits, and if cyclists and skateboarders use sidewalks." Props to Pasadena, which already has a high walkscore. Maybe LA can learn a little from its neighbor? [Image of Old Town Pasadena by flickr user daveofcali]
· Pasadena to test 'walkability' for first time [Pasadena Star-News]