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Celeb Real Estate Wrap: Conan, Avril, Carolyn Murphy and More

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[Conan O'Brian's new Brentwood home, via Real Estalker]

1.) Conan O'Brien, who lives in New York, but who'll move to California to take over as host of "The Tonight Show" in 2009, has purchased a Brentwood compound that was listed at just under $10.5 million. The house has a 1,500-bottle wine room, a paneled library with a bar, a 60-foot veranda, and a pool. There are also six fireplaces. [LA Times]

2.) Unable to sell her five-bedroom, six-bath Beverly Hills home, Avril Lavigne has shaved $400,000 off the asking price of the home, which is now listed at $5.8 million. According to listing info, two deals have fallen apart and a "short escrow" is being sought after, according to Real Estalker. [Real Estalker]

3.) Pretty model Carolyn Murphy has sold her four-bedroom Brentwood area home for $3.6 million. Cached listing for the home is here. Big Time Listings believes the model has moved to Ojai. [Big Time Listings]

4.) Tough times for reality stars. The Coto de Caza house of Slade Smiley--one of the men from the "Housewives of Orange County"-- is sliding into foreclosure. Good luck, buddy. [Real Estalker]

5.) TV star Mark Harmon has purchased the compound Villa Vista Oceano for $9 million. The home was where the Stone Temple Pilots recorded the album "Shangri-La Dee Da." Big Time Listings wonders if there's some confusion, however, since the place was officially sold to a man named Marc Hamon. [LA Times]

6.) House flipper Jeff Lewis is moving from his Los Feliz home to another Los Feliz home. Both homes were listed on the MLS but have since been taken off. [Real Estalker]