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Curbed Cup '07 Winner Is Downtown's Historic Core

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Los Angeles, your Curbed Cup winner is Downtown's Historic Core. What a Cinderella story. In a race where Hollywood or South Park could have swept, scrappy Historic Core rallied to the end, besting Culver City in the finals by 545-285 votes. We informed the Mayor's office of this monumental win, and Bud Ovrom, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, noted that Historic Core has a "decided advantage" over other neighborhoods. Hells, yeah, it does! "Downtown LA’s Historic Core has transformed into a thriving urban center where more Angelenos are choosing to live, work, shop and take advantage of the booming nightlife," said Ovrom.

More from Ovrom: "Gone are the days when Downtown became a ghost town at the end of the workday. As an increasing number of urban pioneers have learned, Downtown is one place in LA where you can enjoy world-class dining, art, entertainment and drinks without ever having to drive. As the zone where all public transportation lines converge, our Historic Core has a decided advantage over other neighborhoods, which seals its fate as the world’s next big trendy hotspot.”

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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