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Beverly Hills Gets Nearly $1 Million Grant To Improve Safety

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And the rich get richer--and safer--with the news that Beverly Hills is getting a $893,000 grant from the Department of Justice to help the city's police department develop its high-tech crime fighting techniques. It's all part of a program called UNITE, short for "Unified Network of Interoperable Technology Enhancements." Among the fun gadgets used by the Bev Hills: Infra-red cameras mounted on patrol cars, which help the police see license plates, and closed circuit cameras, which monitor street activity. More cameras will be put up around the city and possibly in schools and parks. In case you were wondering how long it would take for the squad cars to show up if you were mugged in Bev Hills (actually, does that even happen?)--the police department's current response time is 2.9 minutes, according to this release. And that time may even be lowered with all this fancy new equipment.
· City to Receive Sizable Grant to Create and Enhance High-Tech Security System [City Of Bev Hills]