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Per A Real Estate Agent, Where The Gays Are Heading To Buy

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Honestly, we thought the idea that gays are real estate pioneers, happily rehabbing homes in "edgy" areas, was played out at this point. A stereotype, we thought! Sure, the gays may have paved the way, but let's be honest, everyone--gay, straight--wants cheap real estate now. But then a gay real estate friend emailed us this morning. "I'm sitting with a friend at Starbucks at 11th and Grand," he wrote. "I'm noticing that the gays have started moving downtown, lots of them."

And our email exchange continues:

He writes: "You should do something on the gays moving downtown..lots of discretionary income just waiting to be poured into the burgeoning downtown."

Curbed writes: "Isn't that a stereotype at this point? Isn't everyone moving downtown? Gays and straights?"
"I have a straight client that always says "So, where are the gays moving?" I thing gay couples are more willing to go into a edgy areas. Two guys may not feel as at risk as a male female couple. Since we generally don't have kids, the quality and safety of schools does not matter....Most straight people, especially with kids dream of moving to the suburbs. Most gay I know can't get away from the suburbs fast enough..

"OK, so where are the gays moving, so what are the next spots?"

"Lincoln Heights, Eagle Rock, Downtown. "

"Aren't those just hot spots in general? Are gays really moving in?"

"They are starting to move there and have been for a year or so. If you go to Eagle Rock you'll see lots of gays, male and female. Lincoln heights is being looked at and investigated by several guys I've talked to. Downtown is getting more gay couples...Only about 20% of my clients are gay so I'm sure there is a lot more info out there than I know."

So there you have it, folks. Go forth and prosper and good luck finding cheap real estate.