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CurbedWire: MLK Blvd, FLW House Open to Public, 101 Freeway Park

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SOUTH LA - The LA Wave chronicles the struggle in the early 1980s to rename a street in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. After some community opposition, a court injunction to prevent renaming the street, and reluctance on the part of the city to change the signs, Santa Barbara street was finally renamed. Oh, and Jesse Jackson and Stevie Wonder helped too. [Image by Gary McCarthy, LA Wave]

PASADENA - A rare opportunity to tour a Frank Lloyd Wright home currently undergoing a renovation. The Gamble House is hosting a tour of La Miniatura in Pasadena on Jan 26th. The building is one of Wright's "unique textile-block commission...originally envisioned as a Mayan ruin set in a jungle ravine. Rarely open to the public, this spectacular private home is a restoration in progress." [Gamble House]

HOLLYWOOD - Concerned moochers are invited to attend the 1/26 community meeting to discuss the future Hollywood Freeway Central Park. Refreshments and lunch will be served. Also, the Mayor, Tom Labonge and Eric Garcetti are scheduled to appear. We imagine there will be a power point presentation and lots of old people concerned about bums and pedophiles. Did we mention the free lunch. More info about the meeting on the Freeway park web site. [CurbedWire Inbox]