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Still On The Market: Club Los Globos

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Listing price: $3.5 million
Property: 8,842 SF building on 7,143 SF lot; includes nightclub, art gallery and car repair place.

We first featured the Club Los Globos property last May and were sure it would have sold by now. Sadly, no. It's a great location, although the listing is a bit strange. Can you really call this the Sunset Strip? And furthermore, what exactly is a milking cow? Is a cow included or is that a misstated metaphor ("cash cow"). And is this dingy corner of Silver Lake really a "hotspot" tourist destination, and what third-world country are these tourists from? So many questions.

After 30 years in the business the seller's have decided to retire!!!
World Famous "Sunset Strip" Night Club, Bar & Restaurant..Milking Cow..

For Sale Real Estate & Business Opportunity. Over 30 years established in the same Location. PLUS an Art Gallery & Auto Repair shop on the same premises... LAND IS SUITABLE 100% COMMERCIAL OR MIX USE RESIDENTIAL. "HOTSPOT" TOURIST DESTINATION. Oh, you'll need some parking, too. Fortunately, the adjacent Club Los Globos parking lot (18k sq ft) is also for sale at a healthy $2.5 million.
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