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Rent Check: Two-Bedrooms in Venice

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Two-bedrooms certainly don't come cheap in Venice. One of this week's lesser expensive listings is a $2,400/month unit at Rose/6th, a place where the landlord is offering assurances that you'll be able to work out, grocery shop, and get drunk--all in one fell swoop. Throw in a few hours of pretending to work, and there's your day. Let's see what other goodies await!
1.) Pitch: Rose ave at 6TH $2,400: "Want a great margarita? Walk 2 minutes to La Cabana, Want to work out? bike 5 mins to Gold's Gym. Great coffee just 100 feet away, AND WHOLE FOODS is going in at the corner 2 blocks away!"

2.) Pitch: Oakwood Ave at Palms, $2,500: "Tons of closet space! Private yard, parking, washer & dryer, stove, fridge, dishwasher and brand new carpet & tile."

3.) Pitch: Palms at Lincoln, $2,600: "This is a fifties style house with lots of natural light and nicely landscaped yards."

4.) Pitch: Grand Canal $3,600: "The Pacific Ocean is only a block away! Parking is available on the street...On the canal side it has a deck and a nice large yard. The property is fenced in and comes with stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and washer/dryer."