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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Gas Stations in Westwood and Retail Mysteries

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This was the toughest R&B yet. We spent hours searching through records and playing subpar Scrabulous trying to answer your questions. If you have updates, insights, more questions or better answers, please email us without wait,

[Former Hollywood porn store Drake's, space now for rent]

1) Chinatown: The Cornfields Park will sit partially developed for the time being, report various commenters. At present, "the master planning process for the property is currently underway, which includes lots of studies and collaboration with various stakeholders, including a public advisory committee," says commenter LKitsch.

2) Westwood: Multiple questions about development in Westwood. Sadly, we're having trouble tracking down info. No building permits/zoning actions have taken place recently for the former gas station at Gayley and Lindbrook. Perhaps it's more environmental cleanup? For the other gas station at Gayley and Le Conte, a conditional use for alcohol was filed in August '07 for off-site consumption in a new commercial building. Sounds like a convenience store project, but the planning documents aren't online so we can't verify. We will follow up on these.

3) Venice: The Whole Foods, as widely reported, will occupy 47,300+ sq. ft. of floor area at the new store location at Rose and Lincoln. Flipping through assessor records it appears the buildings on site total approximately 63k sq. ft. plus. So, you add a CVS in there and maybe it works out. We don't know. We're probably wrong. Sorry.

4) Hollywood: We turn to LoopNet for all our answers. The former Drake's storefront on Melrose is now for lease, apparently. No word on why the porn store vacated but probably had something to do with rent vs profits. The 3,600 sq. ft. space can be leased for $5/sq.ft./month. You have to sell a lot of porn to afford that.

5) Westchester: The lot across from Playa del Oro at Lincoln and Manchester is a bit of a mystery. A Bank of America is planned for the northwest corner, but we're not sure if that's the corner in question. Perhaps the reader can offer some direction as to the corner in question.

More questions for next week, please.