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Cocoanut Grove Case Settled, Nightclub Set To Be Demolished Later This Month

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So here's how the Cocoanut Grove nightclub case will go down: The Los Angeles Unified School District will pony up a mere $4 million to fund historic school conservation in return for the Los Angeles Conservancy dropping its lawsuit against LAUSD. And the nightclub gets razed. Citing a desire to move on, the conservancy's director will focus on saving other historical structures, while the always diplomatic Kevin Reed manages to get in the last barb, telling the LA Times that the LAUSD "would have won the lawsuit, but decided to end the case" so the organization could proceed with putting up its $566 million, 4,200-student K-12 campus. Sure, there were structural problems with the nightclub, and locals wanted a new school, but the fact that the LAUSD has to win? Demolition is scheduled to begin Jan. 22, according to the paper.
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