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More Mixed-Use For West LA: Santa Monica Plaza Announced

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Say hello to Santa Monica Plaza, a 63-unit mixed-use project planned for the northeast corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Federal Avenue in West LA. The project will have 12,000-square-feet of ground-floor retail, according to Globe St., and take the place of some small apartment buildings, a parking lot and a small retail building. And it seems developers were lured by incentives. Via the story: "The City of Los Angeles, which has recently begun promoting smart mixed-use projects along major transit corridors, offered the developers several incentives and bonuses, including increased height along Santa Monica Boulevard." The project is being designed by the Santa Monica-based firm Killefer-Flammang Architects and groundbreaking is scheduled for next year. The units may be rentals or condominiums, developers tell Globe St.--it just depends on which way the market blows. Hopefully we'll post some bigger renderings by the end of the day. [Image via Globe St.]
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