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Algemac's Coffee Shop To Be Semi-Salvaged

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[Image of Algemac Coffee Shop via flickr user jericl]

Algemac's Coffee Shop, a fine example of Googie architecture built in 1937 in Glendale, is no more. While the coffee shop closed two years ago, the interior (red leatherette booths and all) was just gutted this week. But not all is lost. Via the Lotta Living forums comes word from Chris Nichols: "The Conservancy, ModCom and the Glendale Historical Society have been working with the city and the developers for many months on a salvage compromise. The Algemac's facade will be incorporated into the project. The first 15 feet or so are being retained, it will be moved a few yards down San Fernando Road, a new interior will be constructed, the signage will likely be moved inside, and it becomes a community center. There is a historic consultant monitoring the demolition. Not the ultimate solution, but (in my opinion) better than complete demolition." A glimmer of hope on a bad day for preservationists.