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Limiting Surfing Camps, Santa Monica Hopes To Make Beaches Less Crowded

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Last week, concerned about safety and beach overcrowding, the Santa Monica City Council approved an ordinance that limits the number of surfing classes, reports the Lookout News. Unlike the County of Los Angeles, Santa Monica has a relaxed attitude towards to the classes--in many cases, no permit is needed, leading some city officials to wonder if these instructors even know CPR, for instance. Via the Santa Monica Daily Press: "Mickey Gallagher, captain of Los Angeles County Lifeguards, said it has become increasingly difficult to maintain safety at the beach because of the increase of surfing camps. He said swimmers and surfers often find themselves drifting into each other’s areas. Fights have also broken out between rival surf instructors as they compete for business." The camps, which'll now have to get permits, are unhappy; surfing is the "last frontier," according to Rabbi Nachum Shifren aka the Surfing Rabbi. [Photo via]
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