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Westchester Residents Still Hating Proximity Of LAX's Runways, Planes

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Lordy, what a great situation going down at LAX: On one hand, you've got an airport with the most "on-ground close calls" and "severe incidents" of any big airport in the US, according to the Los Angeles Times, but expansion proposals would mean more airplane headaches--noise, traffic-- for Westchester. Yesterday, the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners approved a contract for an environmental study report, despite objections from locals, who are keen to see a safety report first. Among those worried: Terry Marcellus, who grew up in Westchester watching jets fly over his elementary school playground, and Assemblyman Ted Lieu (D-Torrance), who wants to petition the FAA and the secretary of Transportation "to increase the spacing between flights and the numbers of air traffic controllers," according to the paper. Related: Here's a particularly good YouTube video that makes an LAX pathway just look like a free-for-all country road. [Image via]
· Environmental study OKd for LAX [LA Times]