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Who Needs A Pritzker When You Have Kanye West on Your Side?

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Sure, accolades and prizes are nice, but you haven't really made it as an architect until you have a celebrity endorser (see: Brad Pitt, Frank Gehry). Local architect Neil Denari is being noticed by Kanye West, who is singing the praises of Denari's U+A house (pictured above) on his official blog.

Made for Useful + Agreeable, a luxury, travel and design tv station and publication, the small, pre-designed hi-rise is the architectural merging of "the desirability and precision engineering of great car design; the exploration and challenge of contemporary art; and the bold expressiveness of avant-garde fashion" (or so u+a's website says). The house is suited for different climates and housing plans, from small-lot to clusters, as vacation properties or rooftop penthouses, just to name a few uses. Upon first glance, it reminded you of that new-fangled luggage you've seen sitting on the baggage carousel (and a little of an airplane lavatory).We can't wait for 50 Cents' cogent defense of Eric Owen Moss. Aw yeah. It's on, bitches.

[Images via Useful + Agreeable magazine]
· THE U+A HOUSE [kanYe West Blog]