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Rumblings & Bumblings: Still A Cornfield, Whole Foods, Porn Shop

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Questions! You have them and we posted them. Now we wait for answers. You may leave a comment or you can email us at with your answers, updates, comments, tips, and general queries. Answers are posted on Thursday.

1) Chinatown: "Does anybody know what's up with downtown's former not-a-cornfield park's transformation into the Los Angeles State Historic Park? The winner of the public parks competition was decided in November of 2006... My frisbee and I want to know."

2) Westwood: A lotta Westwood questions in one. "What development is planned in Westwood, on the northwest corner of Wilshire/Gayley for the former Hollywood Video store, as well as the former Unocal gas station behind (north of) it on Gayley/Lindbrook--where construction activity has begun? Finally, any word on what's planned for another, former, gas station on the southeast corner of Le Conte/Gayley, in Westwood?"

3) Venice: Whole Foods. Check. CVS. Check. And the other space? A reader asks what else is going into the new Whole Foods anchored strip mall in Venice (formerly home to Big Lots). "... those adjoining spaces are way too big for 1 Whole Foods... so, is there a 2nd mystery tenant?"
4) Hollywood: Porn shop goes missing. Gay patron worried. "...this week, I was driving past the second Drake's on Melrose, and noticed it had closed, too... Any ideas what happened to our fine salespeople of pornography and catchy t-shirts that no one would ever buy?"

5) Westchester: Okay, across from Playa del Oro and next to the Custom Hotel, something is getting scraped reports a reader. "Any idea what's going on at the corner of Lincoln and Manchester across the street from the Playa del Oro project?" Went by the other day and the lot had been scraped."