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Bob Taylor's Eastside List VS. Sale Price Round-Up

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Every week, local real estate agent Bob Taylor puts together an impressive list of weekly data for Eastside properties, a round-up which includes new listings, price reductions, and the very important sale vs. list price. Focusing on that latter category, let's analyze the data. Bob's got four homes this week, including this gem pictured here, which is a three-bedroom, 836-square-foot home at 4655 Cassatt Street in El Sereno that was originally listed at $300,000, but dropped to $179,000 and finally sold for $199,000.

2. 4636 Twining, Los Angeles. List price: 429,000. Dropped price: 379,000. Sale price: 379,000. (No photo)

3. 4828 Nob Hill Drive, a three-bedroom, 2448 square feet. Originally listed at $927,000, price dropped to 888,000. Sale price: $860,000.

4. 5300 Dahlia Dr, a five-bedroom, 2,434-square-feet. Originally listed at $1.99 million, price dropped to 897,000. Sale price: $893,000.