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Name That Neighborhood: The OTHER Loft District

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Brokers, real estate agents, and developers are referring to this area as the "Marina Loft District" but we're not buying it. It just takes too much work to say. All those syllables. Plus, Los Angeles already has a Loft District. Several, in fact. What if some poor, unassuming rube looking for his smack downtown mistakenly winds up by Marina del Rey?

After getting some input from folks forced to spend too much time in that no man's land between Culver City, the Marina, and the 90, we'd suggest calling the land SoCo in honor of everyone's favorite bulk retailer and Washington Blvd landmark, CostCo. It's all South of Costco. That has a catchy ring to it, no? Plus, a reader points out this isn't the first time the area has been referred to as SoCo on this site. But suggestions are welcome. And if you're clueless about where you live, or don't know what to call a certain Los Angeles nabe, pop us an email.

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