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Storefronting: Shoes, Books, And Fleas

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PASADENA - Commenter Benja-dena reports that The Dalton mixed-use/transit oriented development condo project in Pasadena (pictured) "looks 75 percent finished" and the sign on the building says opening in Spring 2008. Swell! So far, a New Balance store has opened on site with an unnamed restaurant due to occupy another available retail space soon. Swell!

BEVERLY HILLS/BEVERLY GROVE - Taschen's semi-annual warehouse sale is this weekend, Jan 18th through 20th. Yes, for those of you who may want to read the pretty books rather than just display them, "slightly damaged and display copies" will be on sale at 50-75% off retail. "A selection of limited edition books, collector’s editions, and artist editions will be available in limited quantity." [Taschen]

DOWNTOWN - The South Park Flea Market, the latest sign of downtown's urbaneness, now has a spiffy web site. It even has a LivePerson chat helper in case you have problems. Yes, if navigating all six pages becomes complicated, there is help for you. The flea market opens Jan 20th.