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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Suzanne Somers, Nicolas Cage, Lauren Conrad, And More

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1. Suzanne Somers has listed her Palm Springs home, dubbed Les Baux de Palm Springs, for $35 million. It's a 65-acre estate with 10 bedrooms and many, many zebra skin rugs. According to Palm Springs Life, Suzanne and her husband are moving; the pair "will be packing up their zebra skin rugs and chandeliers and moving to a new Palm Springs compound currently under construction." Virtual tour is here. [Real Estalker]

2. Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe has been unable to sell his five-bedroom Hollywood Hills home, which is listed at $1.495 million. The listing for the home now reads: "Priced to Sell." [Real Estalker]

3. Remember when Nicolas Cage's Newport Beach home was broken into by an intruder who tried on one of Cage's leather jackets? The actor has sold the place for $35 million. [WSJ via BTL]

4. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is close to being foreclosed. Jackson hasn't lived at the ranch since 2005 and is currently residing (rent-free) with his family in the Palms casino in Las Vegas. []

5. Glad trashcan pitchman/actor Tom Bosley has sold his Beverly Hills Post Office-area home that was listed for $2.95 million. [Big Time Listings]

6. Once owned by Madonna, an eight-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills has sold for $15.68 million. [Big Time Listings]

7. The Hills' star Lauren Conrad has purchased a three-bedroom Hollywood home was listed at $2.495 million. [Real Estalker]