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Phil's Diner Sign Stolen in Noho. Someone Call the PoPo.

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[Flickr user Usonian]

Via the LottaLiving forum, news that the classic neon sign atop Phil's Diner in North Hollywood has been stolen. The diner, built in the 1920s by Charles Amend, was originally located where NoHo Commons parking garage sits now. According to blog Downtown Noho, "It was boarded up, placed on blocks and now sits on undeveloped land owned by the JH Snyder company over on Weddington Street next to the Television Academy." If you know the criminal mastermind who stole this neon sign, there's a couple of mid century modcommers who'd like a word or two with you. Related: Downtown blogger View from A Loft reports that the Craby Joe's sign is now in good hands.
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