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Digital Billboard Battle Royale: Clear Channel, Jan Perry, MTA, Everyone

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Things are getting ugly with the digital billboards proposed to delight/distract motorists on the 10 freeway. A reader reports from yesterday's meeting of the City Planning Commission where the issue took on a whole new slant, with Jan Perry threatening to blight the Westside (wherever that is). Via email: "Remember those digital billboards the MTA wanted to put up on their bus yard alongside the 10 freeway downtown, in order to settle a lawsuit with Clear Channel? The city planning commission on Thursday threw a wrench into that idea, unanimously disapproving it. Since it was part of a deal whereby the MTA would sell another bus yard to the city for a Wetlands park project, it's far from dead, and is certainly going to be appealed to the city council. Jan Perry (CD 9) is particularly vocal about it, and in Thursday's CPC meeting she promised that if the park project was killed by people from the Westside (the anti-billboard advocates) she would make sure that a bunch of billboards got erected in their districts. CPC president Jane Usher accused the MTA of blackmailing the city. Lots of fun. It's scheduled to come before the city council next month."
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